1) How many Acres of Land were purchased in 1939-1941 for the family?
20 Acres
5 Acres
45 Acres
80 Acres
2) What was Theresa (Rhe) Glass Quote
Love you more
Love the one your with!
God is Love!
Love Yall!

3) What is the battle Creek Annual Race that commemorates Theresa Glass
Race for the Cure
Relay of Life
Marine Marathon
Calloway Glass Parker Sprint
4) What was the most memorable Dance Contest
Esterqueener (Eudora) & Elijah (lil bud) - 98
Tyrone & Darnell (cowboys & Indians) - 98
Kelvin Jones & Andy Parker (70's) - 94
None of the above

5) Aunt Theresa tradition after prayer was to say?
Let's eat and be happy!
Let's eat and be thankful!
Let's eat it all up, them greens look good!
6) Which store franchise was owned by W.H. & Lena Jones in Flint,MI in the 80's, there son also owned the same?
Sunoco Gas
Milt Weiss Clothing
7-Eleven Store
Qwiki-Mart Store

7) What Wesley Snipes Movie was the Wanda Jones an extra in?
White Men Cant Jump
Jungle Fever
Drop Zone