As a family, we all have one heritage but have different opinions and views. To help us better assess what is best for the family, we can take survey's and poll people on what the best decisions will and can be going forward.  Those ideas can be surveyed on this page. 

For those who do not have access to a computer the questions can be printed out and provided to them for completion. A member of the family can assist them by updating the polls with their responses. Thats working as a TEAM! 

Happy Polling...

1) Where Should the 2014 Family Reunion be held?
Battle Creek, Michigan
Flint, Michigan
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Little Rock, Arkansas
Atlanta, Georgia
Some Where Else!
2) How much would you be willing to pay for the Reunion Fee?
$20.00 (Food, Fun, T-Shirt all weekend)
$100.00 (Food, Fun, T-Shirt, Tours, all weekend)
$0.00 Free (Willing to help on many fundraisers)
$50.00 (Food, Fun, T-Shirt Tours all weekend)

3) Are T-Shirts for the reunion necessary?
Yes, $5-15 Each
4) Should the Fee for reunion include T-Shirts & Family Scholarship?
Yes, $10 total for T-shirt and Scholarship
Yes, $10 for T-shirt
No, Don't want neither
No, Both Should be voluntary

5) Should the family be responsible for providing small fee for Family Website and Communcation Fund?
Yes, $2 each
Not Sure
6) How would you be travelling to Flint, MI?
Train (AmTrak etc...)
Bus (Greyhound/PeterPan)
Driving with a group of people
Something else

7) What are you looking forward too seeing Flint?
Flint stuff: Crossroad Village, Stepping Stone Falls, etc.
Friday Night Event/Party
Saturday Picnic/Party
Sunday Breakfast
all of the above