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Taiwan's first 'pretend to go abroad' tour takes off with fake flight
Sixty eager "travelers" showed up to Taipei Songshan Airport on Thursday, boarding passes in hand, to take a rather unusual trip.

It's National Hot Dog month, so grab a "red hot"
From Germany to Coney Island, here's a history lesson on the hot dog, an American icon

Puerto Rico will require Covid-19 test results from visitors
Puerto Rico will have some stringent new rules for people traveling to the island amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Japan debuts new bullet train that can run during an earthquake
Japan's latest record-breaking bullet train doesn't only run faster and smoother -- it's also able to transport passengers to safety in the event of an earthquake.

Face shields AND face masks now mandatory on Qatar Airways
Face masks on flights have quickly become the norm as travelers tentatively return to the skies, but Qatar Airways has taken this a step further, announcing that its passengers will be required to wear a face shield -- in addition to a face mask or face covering. - RSS Channel - App Tech Section

Facebook's future keeps getting murkier
For nearly two months, Facebook has been scrambling to get a handle on a wave of criticism over its policies on moderating content, particularly hateful speech and misinformation that spreads on its platforms.

Swedish tech company Tobii releases $229 eye tracker that may improve gamers' skills
Eye-tracking technology has helped people with medical conditions like autism, traumatic brain injuries and ALS, or amyotropic lateral sclerosis, communicate with others.

7 tips to make you a Slack power user
For years, Slack has been popular among tech startups, media companies and retailers as a tool for employees to chat and collaborate. But as many people have shifted to working from home during the pandemic, services like Slack have become more crucial.

Instagram and Facebook ban all content promoting conversion therapy
Instagram will ban any content that promotes conversion therapy, the tech company told CNN on Friday, after campaigners called on the platform to block providers from advertising their services online.

A new world war over technology
Nations and companies around the world are being sucked into a running battle over the future of technology between the United States and China, forcing them to choose sides in a conflict that is fracturing global supply chains and pushing businesses out of lucrative markets.

A Community United with Science: Update on Ancestry’s COVID-19 Study
As a physician, it’s the moments of hope  when medicine finds a way to address a pressing human need  that matter the most. I’ve had a professional front seat to the fusion of DNA and medicine over the past 25 years and have experienced many meaningful moments where advances in science have prevented Read More The post A Community United with Science: Update on Ancestry’s COVID-19 Study appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

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